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More Frost Giants & how they got there

2 sessions combined

From Bryn Shander they went looking for evidence of giant in Icewind Dale.

They soon found instead an ancient white dragon, who demanded they bow down to her and her master. Iceclaws was in a playful mood and chased them away with her ice breath instead of eating them, after telling them 3 giants went towards Huddlestone.

They found one, killed it and went looking for the other two. The other two were found dead along the way and outside Huddlestone. In Huddlestone they checked on Thwip Ironbottom, who was fine and he gave Anastasia a clockwork dog. He also mentioned a fast method of travel, somehow related to the Harpers, available from Everlund. There is another entrance in Waterdeep, in the City of the Dead.

From there, they went back to Bryn Shander to tell Markham about the giants. He made them Defenders of Icewind Dale and assured them they would get good treatment in any of the Ten-Towns. Sorelisa and Naeremos, two bounty hunters, are also in town looking for The Weevil. He was last seen near Xanthral’s Keep, between Mirbar and Longsaddle.

They take a week in the town to change the Giant Kettle into a wagon based portable pub with enough space to carry 8 people and their gear, as well as a full kettle to brew alcohol, drawn by 2 horses.

Once the wagon is outfitted, they leave for Ironmaster to get extra help for Bryn Shander. The dwarves are first rather hesitant to talk to them, but once they mention Augrek, aid for the town is secured. In addition, they found out that there is someone in nearby Fireshear who can train Griffons and train people to ride them Dasharra Keldabar.

Ravencraw recovers long the way to Fireshear and translates the tombstome: “Here lies Ezikiel. The poor sod never stopped talking about the entrance to the Catacombs of Terror being in Nesmé.”

In Fireshear, they stay 3 days so Anastasia can learn how to ride a Griffon. Just as she completes her training, she spots a Frost Giant Longship about the enter the harbour. She alerts the others, who try to reason with the Giants, but they are too intent on getting hold of Artus Cimber and will tear the town apart to get him.

The party decide to battle the frost giants, all 20 of them. They had to retreat, but not before they manage to kill 1. Unfortunately it came at a very heavy cost. All are injured, Ravencraw has turned to a pile of bones, Anastasia is unconscious and Rolen is dead.


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