Thokk Tallstag

Half-Orc Paladin of Helm


Paladin (Lvl 5); Warlock (Lvl 2)


Age: 24
Height: 6 foot 5 inches
Weight: 200lbs
Hair Colour: Dark Brown, almost Black
Eye Colour: Steel
Skin Colour: Greyish Green


AC: 17 (Splint)
HP: 50

Str 16 [ +3 ]
Dex 10 [ +0 ]
Con 14 [ +2 ]
Int 10 [ +0 ]
Wis 12 [ +1 ]
Cha 16 [ +3 ]

Proficient in: Athletics (Str); Deception (Str); Insight (Wis); Intimidation (Cha); Medicine (Wis); Perception (Wis); Persuasion (Cha)


Thokk Tallstag used to be a part of the crew for a ship known as The Nightingale. It sailed from port to port, trading with local merchants while Thokk aided townsfolk in the name of Helm. One night, while drifting out at sea and planning their next route, The Nightingale was ambushed by pirates. Thokk survived by the skin of his teeth, living only due to his Paladin abilities.
No longer having a ship, Thokk took his Order of The Gauntlet membership more seriously, leading to his fate and the parties becoming intertwined.

Will he die? Will he suffer the same fate as most of my previous characters?
Well, I hope not. I enjoy Thokk.

Thokk Tallstag

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